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This site has been set up as a world information centre for those organisations dedicated to the promotion of Ideas Programmes, Suggestion Schemes, Ideas management, Employee Involvement, Recognition Programmes and allied subjects.

Its purpose is to facilitate the growth of international exchange, benchmarking and networking for the furtherance of these processes.

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Organisation Name

Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Verbesserungsprozesse, SAVASP
Swiss Association for the
Improvement Processes (SAV / ASP)

Map of Switzerland
Area Served Switzerland
Year Founded 1978
Head of Organisation

Hermann Grob
(President & Founder)

Number of Member Organisations 115
Annual Conference Meeting .... session in April 2015
Network Activities Events 2010
International Network Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria
Awards for Best Idea Management System (IMS)  
Awards for Best Ideas

Swiss Innovation Price 2014 for X-Technology Swiss R&D AG, Wollerau

Golden Idea Award 2014 for La Belle Epoque GmbH, Ermatingen

National assessment System National Index based on statistics
Status Not for Profit Organisation

Tel. ++41 (0) 55 210 44 92
Fax ++41 (0) 55 210 44 73


Hermann Grob
(President & Founder)

Contact Address

Postfach 112
8640 Kempraten, Switzerland

DiB together with OPWZ & SAV/ASP operates the German language Internet portal OUR IDEAS
for all interested innovation and idea management


Organisation Name IDEE-SUISSE ® Swiss Association of Management for Ideas and Innovations Map of Switzerland
Year Founded 1981  
Head of Organisation Dr. Olaf J.Bohme M  
Number of Member Organisations 155  
Annual Conference Meeting of all members, next session in May 2013  
Network Activities Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW in Zurich  
International Network Cooperation with the German Institute of Business Administration (DIB) in Frankfurt and the OPWZ in Vienna  
Awards for Best Idea Management System (IMS) Swiss Innovation Price 2011 for Victorinox AG, Ibach  
Awards for Best Ideas Golden Idea Award 2012 for Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing, Swiss Federal Institute for Technology Zurich  
National assessment System --  
Website /  
Telephone ++41 / (0)44 - 445 15 45  

Dr. Olaf J. Bohme (

Stephan Spada
Member of Executive Board.
Kaizen Manager, Business Administration Graduate (University of Applied Sciences), Master in Tourism (University of Angers), Industrial Manager (Chamber of Commerce)


Stephan Spada

Stephan Spada

Contact Address Technopark-Strasse 1, CH-8005 ZUrich / Wylerstrasse 123/125, CH-3000 Bern 65 / Switzerland