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This site has been set up as a world information centre for those organisations dedicated to the promotion of Ideas Programmes, Suggestion Schemes, Ideas management, Employee Involvement, Recognition Programmes and allied subjects.

Its purpose is to facilitate the growth of international exchange, benchmarking and networking for the furtherance of these processes.

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Organisation Name Ideeencentrum Map of Netherlands
Area Served Netherlands
Year Founded 1954
Number of Member Organisations 150
Annual Conference Once in two years
Network Activities Free Network Settings
International Network Scandinavia, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, UK
Awards for Best Idea Management System (IMS) System of the Year
Awards for Best Ideas Idea of the Year  
National assessment System Tool Box Assesment  
Status Not for profit Organisation  
Telephone +31625083514  

René Blok

Contact Address P.O. Box 54 - 3780 BB Voorthuizen