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This site has been set up as a world information centre for those organisations dedicated to the promotion of Ideas Programmes, Suggestion Schemes, Ideas management, Employee Involvement, Recognition Programmes and allied subjects.

Its purpose is to facilitate the growth of international exchange, benchmarking and networking for the furtherance of these processes.

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Organisation Name

Oesterreichisches Produktivitaets und Wirtschaftlichkeits Zentrum (POWZ) (Austrian Centre for Productivity and Efficiency)

Austrian Productivity and Efficiency Centre (ÖPWZ)


Map of Austria
Area Served Austria
Year Founded 1950
Number of Member Organisations Information Not Confirmed - Any Update Appreciated
Annual Conference  
Telephone +43 1 533 86 36-0
Contact Address Österreichischen Produktivitäts- und Wirtschaftlichkeits-Zentrum 1010 Wien, Rockhgasse 6 Austria 


DiB together with OPWZ & SAV/ASP operates the German language Internet portal OUR IDEAS for all interested innovation and idea management